About or “On J.D., J.W., Zinfandel, and Jack Kerouac”

I recently began to consult with The Executive Global Travel Inc. of NYC (UK specialists).  I also find myself promoting Bottle (not usually Grolsch, I like my skull just the way it is, although I enjoy the beer) and Concert Events on my OTHER personal blog.  All while looking for fulfilling work in Casting, Performance, and Stage Management!  I tend to be a busy person <G>.   Why do I do this?  Because, I am also a Performer, Director/Writer and a Freelancing Lyricist/Composer affiliated with Broadcast Music Inc., as well as a Freelance Stage Manager/Casting Assistant AND I love to travel and experience new and familiar locations and adventures.

I have quite a bit of experience in Business Administration/Event Planning, and Sales.  While working at GreenPoint Bank’s former Headquarters in NYC, I was the Controller’s Sr. Administrative Assistant,where I organized and planned The Headlands’ (California) and GreenPoint’s Golf Event celebrating the BAHS-GreenPoint Bank merger, in addition to planning in-house and off-site events for the Controller’s and Board Member/Executive Group. Prior to that I assisted in the planning of several events for Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette (DLJ) through the former ASA Agency in NYC, and sales seminars for SSA’s OSHA Product launch, while working for them as a Consulting Executive Assistant.

To make a long story even longer, I’ve basically been consulting my entire life, right back to my first gig as a dancer/musician in Hawai’i as a toddler, on into California and clear back to the East Coast.  It branched into Acting jobs in TV and Movies, and then Lighting and Stage Management gigs in High School.  Finally I moved into actually studying the inner sanctum of backstage work and Stage and Production Management at Pepperdine University.  I suppose they think I’m to much of a maverick to work as an employee. I feel that I am in good company…well, look at Jack Kerouac.  You don’t say the guy went and Jack’d out on you.  You claim he “pulled a Kerouac and went au naturelle for the long weekend.”  Meaning, he failed to use toilet paper or a toothbrush for the holiday weekend.  People love the stuff.

Me, I enjoy roughing it on occasion, but….if you want to change the world, learn how to golf! All the real decisions are made on the Golf Course.  There are some ins at some great courses that you and your Charity Organization will adore! AND you get fabulous 4 and 5 star luxury digs to pass out in after spending the day golfing and trying to figure out who will get the 1st Hole In One, or if you should give that honor up to someone else on the Course intentionally.   Strategy and Power Plays are all part of the dynamic.  I’m going to be posting some fabulous Set Tours available here in the USA and abroad <strong>with</strong> or without Celebrity Hosts.  One of our newest…Las Vegas NV or New England with a stop at Mohegan Sun Casino.  If you get a group of 20 or more for any of the International Tours over the next 6 months, we MIGHT just give you a free tour in order for you to accompany your group.  Contact me if you ever have any questions, please ring on  1.831.236.0645, or e-mail me at pamelajoan@theexecutiveglobaltravel.com.


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