Posted by: travelpammy1 | March 22, 2010

The Spring Equinox

We have just past the Spring Equinox….a day celebrated by Pagans, Christians, Sun Worshippers, and others for centuries.  If you’re like most creatures with 2, or even 4 legs, you can look forward to a new wardrobe, coat of fur or a new molting of skin, just in time for the warmer months.

For those who enjoy traveling, but have a hard time finding sizes in a wardrobe that you enjoy, please feel free to e-mail me at, in order to arrange an appointment for a fitting.  I know of a fabulous haute couture tailor that custom makes EVERY piece of clothing for a perfectly tailored look.  Clothing that is meant to be worn, but doesn’t wear YOU.

For women there are over 3000 choices of fabrics to choose from, and for men, the choice is almost as mind boggling.  Try Keith Lloyd Couture, I am sure you will return for more.  And there are referral programs as well, that will allow you to enjoy fine custom tailored fashion at a discount. Great for companies that require discerning fashion, or, perhaps a uniform, if you may, such as Law Firms, Wall Street Financial Services Companies, or, perhaps, for a Wedding Party.

Custom Tailor-Made Haute Couture, for the Discerning Eye.

All the Best!

Pamela J Carter


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