Posted by: travelpammy1 | January 19, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season. I went out to the Carmel, California area to spend my holiday with my Mother and Brother and enjoyed the peace and quiet.  We viewed some golf courses and I spent some time collecting information on motels and hotels in the area, because the Pro Am and US Open are coming up!

I went down to the beach on almost a daily basis the last week of my stay there and witnessed something I have NEVER seen off the shores of Carmel before….a whirlpool, apparently caused by underwater seismic activity.  The Humboldt County 6.4 earthquake occurred a day or two after I flew back to New Jersey.  So, I guess the seismic activity was rumbling its way up the coastline from the San Diego County quake clear up the coast, almost into Oregon.  For those of you who are buying or have bought property in the area, here’s a map of the activity:

If you’re buying property in California MOST companies require fire and earthquake insurance.  The whirlpool was fascinating to watch and confused the daylights out of the surfers, because it changed the wave activity every 5 minutes or so.

And how about that lousy weather in Southern and parts of Central California! Yikes!  Hope you all on the hillsides are shored up properly.  I know all the busy bees at Pepperdine University are probably sandbagging away in their community.   Hope the weather clears up for you folks soon!  Take a gander here if you’ve been avoiding bad news and want to feel better for NOT having flown to SoCal as I was considering on January 4th before heading back to *GASP*    New Jersey, of all places!,2933,583562,00.html

I will have some new posts as to Tours available posted hopefully by the end of this week on the site.  Or, you can friend me on my FaceBook or MySpace accounts and check out the posts there.  All the Best in the New Year and please pray for Haiti and Southern California!  For those of you considering buying your OWN boats: Check out the
Stealth Hydrofoil Supported Catamarans for Sale

AND the

Voyage Yachts for Sale

All The Best!

Pamela Joan


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