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An Invitation To The Theater In NYC

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The Spring Equinox

We have just past the Spring Equinox….a day celebrated by Pagans, Christians, Sun Worshippers, and others for centuries.  If you’re like most creatures with 2, or even 4 legs, you can look forward to a new wardrobe, coat of fur or a new molting of skin, just in time for the warmer months.

For those who enjoy traveling, but have a hard time finding sizes in a wardrobe that you enjoy, please feel free to e-mail me at, in order to arrange an appointment for a fitting.  I know of a fabulous haute couture tailor that custom makes EVERY piece of clothing for a perfectly tailored look.  Clothing that is meant to be worn, but doesn’t wear YOU.

For women there are over 3000 choices of fabrics to choose from, and for men, the choice is almost as mind boggling.  Try Keith Lloyd Couture, I am sure you will return for more.  And there are referral programs as well, that will allow you to enjoy fine custom tailored fashion at a discount. Great for companies that require discerning fashion, or, perhaps a uniform, if you may, such as Law Firms, Wall Street Financial Services Companies, or, perhaps, for a Wedding Party.

Custom Tailor-Made Haute Couture, for the Discerning Eye.

All the Best!

Pamela J Carter

Come on down and support Ireland’s John Duddy In Dallas, Texas * Saturday March 13th *
Flight options from Boston and New York combined with different standard hotels and ticket categories.

Travel Standard Packages Include:
• Tickets to the fight in your chosen location
• 2 Nights First Class Accommodations in hotel
• Roundtrip Event Transportation
• EGT On-Site Hosts & Hospitality Desk
• EGT Custom Ticket Holder & Lanyard
• Expert Travel & Concierge Services of the EGT Travel Service Desk
• All Taxes and Service Charges

Add-Ons and Possibilities:
•    Extra Nights
•    Suites and Room Upgrades
•    Dinner Reservations
•    Rounds of Golf or Spa Treatments

Transportation Logistics On the Ground and In The Air
•    Private Transfers (Sedan, Limousine, Luxury Motor Coach)
•    Airfare (Economy, First Class, Private Jet)

$795 Per person from New York • $940 Per person from Boston

For bookings call William Carey @ 631-745-3943.

And see the great Manny Pacquiao alias Pacman the Destroyer At the NEW Cowboy’s stadium.

Enjoy Dallas TX on St. Patrick’s Day

Parade festivities prior to the fight.

Packages include flights, hotels and entry tickets to the Cowboy Stadium main event.

The Executive Global Travel

1-877-288-1481 (TOLL FREE) or 1-631-251-6277

Sponsored by JD Promotions

Groups welcome!

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United We Stand – Strict Dress Code Policy

United We Stand – A Benefit For Haiti
Doors opened @ 11 PM on NOW Friday Night 1/22 at Club V (Vermilion) in NYC
Sign up for guest list and location information on link above.

Strict dress code policy. Ladies enter free if on list and gentleman are reduced with guest list sign up.

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Happy New Year!

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season. I went out to the Carmel, California area to spend my holiday with my Mother and Brother and enjoyed the peace and quiet.  We viewed some golf courses and I spent some time collecting information on motels and hotels in the area, because the Pro Am and US Open are coming up!

I went down to the beach on almost a daily basis the last week of my stay there and witnessed something I have NEVER seen off the shores of Carmel before….a whirlpool, apparently caused by underwater seismic activity.  The Humboldt County 6.4 earthquake occurred a day or two after I flew back to New Jersey.  So, I guess the seismic activity was rumbling its way up the coastline from the San Diego County quake clear up the coast, almost into Oregon.  For those of you who are buying or have bought property in the area, here’s a map of the activity:

If you’re buying property in California MOST companies require fire and earthquake insurance.  The whirlpool was fascinating to watch and confused the daylights out of the surfers, because it changed the wave activity every 5 minutes or so.

And how about that lousy weather in Southern and parts of Central California! Yikes!  Hope you all on the hillsides are shored up properly.  I know all the busy bees at Pepperdine University are probably sandbagging away in their community.   Hope the weather clears up for you folks soon!  Take a gander here if you’ve been avoiding bad news and want to feel better for NOT having flown to SoCal as I was considering on January 4th before heading back to *GASP*    New Jersey, of all places!,2933,583562,00.html

I will have some new posts as to Tours available posted hopefully by the end of this week on the site.  Or, you can friend me on my FaceBook or MySpace accounts and check out the posts there.  All the Best in the New Year and please pray for Haiti and Southern California!  For those of you considering buying your OWN boats: Check out the
Stealth Hydrofoil Supported Catamarans for Sale

AND the

Voyage Yachts for Sale

All The Best!

Pamela Joan

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Blog Traffic

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I am part of what has become one of the fastest growing membership sites in marketing history. You know how they say, the money is in the list. Well I found that to be true. I started with just telling a few of my members about this site, and the next thing I knew, my opt in list was huge and I can email almost anytime I want to. The List The List The List This site is FREE to join and WILL have you with a 100,000 member OptIn list in just 30 days. It is Hyper-Viral and you will understand what I mean when you check it out

Let me know when you join. You can email me thru the site.

Thanks, Pamela J Carter

P.S. I joined in 2 seconds just because of $97 book they give you just for Joining

!! P.P.S! Make SURE you pay attention “AS SOON AS YOU JOIN!” Get ready to freak out, I did.

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This Is A Reply to Rima in The Ukraine

As to whether gifts are apropos in a Business relationship, it depends upon whether the company has a written policy.  Holiday cards are acceptable, providing you know the person’s faith, if you don’t, nondenominational cards are preferred. And there are differences in Asian versus Western cultures as to whether sending gifts is culturally acceptable, especially when there is a large monetary value involved, or if it IS, in fact, money.

Здравствулте, Rima!

В США привычно послать карточки, и изредка малые подарки благодарности
для прошлых или будущих отношений дела. Не необходимо послать подарки,
и много компаний запрещают принять их для личной пользы, если любое
реальное монетное значение. То нет случая с много азиатских стран, по
мере того как привычно в таких странах как Япония пройти дальше
монетную компенсацию в усилии нажать дело вперед. Это может причинить
конфликт в западном мире, по мере того как часто увидено как взятка.
Хотя, было более банально, потому что настолько много азиатских стран
теперь открыто делают дело в западе. В Азия, просто увидено как цена
делать дело, albeit, ” смазывающ ладонь в усилии сделать деловую
операцию пропустите больше easily.” Я наслаждаюсь привычкой праздника
посылать вне карточки к списку адресатов клиента, но ВСЕГДА необходимо
вспомнить что не весь из ваших клиентов такого же веры, или, как в
недавних летах, ЛЮБОГО веры, для того НОП не обидеть. Я надеюсь что
это полезно к вам.

Самые лучшие отношения,


If you want to attend, contact me at!

We’re looking for 10 more teams of 4, it WAS 15! To be held at the beautiful Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a 1 day event, however, there’s a whole weekend before the event in which to enjoy discounted rounds of golf in Scottsdale and your luxurious rooms at The Westin, or The Xona, both corporate sponsors.

Eat, drink, golf and mingle with MLB Players, Hall of Famers, All-Stars, and Cy Young Winners!! Hang with your celebrity playing partner, enjoy a tremendous ONE-OF-A-KIND outing, all while supporting a great cause, the Miracle League of Arizona. “EVERY CHILD DESERVES A CHANCE TO PLAY BASEBALL!!”

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Some Updates

Happy weekend.

Sad to say some not so happy events. Condolences go out to “Father Ed’s” parish in New Jersey – it appears that he was murdered while fixing his his tea and tending to his pet dog in Central NJ this week.  Terrible!

Condolences also go to the helicopter crew in Virginia that suffered the loss of their fellow crew member and injuries themselves.  Hang in there!  When the wind blows in from the west and signals a change of season, all sorts of things happen.  It’s getting a might cold here from the snow in Michigan to the sleet and freezing rain in Maine down to the frost expected in Florida.  Gather your nuts, squirrels and your oranges and corn, farmers, and chop your cords of firewood, folks, it’s going to be a bitter winter, I fear.

All the more reason to head to warmer climates!  If you need to get a hold of me for any Tour or other information, e-mail me at  My work e-mail’s been on the fritz since the helicopter went down the other day…something to do with the Apache Server going haywire after or just before the wreck.  And we’re clear up in New Jersey!  Ah well….

Heads up for all you Golfers who would like to go to Ireland…apparently Marathon of Miracles is planning a Celebrity Hosted Fundraiser Golf Vacation being to a HOT location next year.  I’ll keep you posted, along with their plans for their ‘Wellness On The Green’ program in the USA!  Hope you like my personal photo of Lenape Park in New Jersey in the Spring….I thought it was rather Golf-ish and quite challenging in appearance.  Enjoy!

All the best!


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Charity and Golf/Sporting Events

Hello, Everyone!

Never before have there been so many Charitable Causes in existence!  It’s overwhelming…my Facebook Site is starting to look like the UN!  Therefore, I am begging people for info on contacting Fundraisers they know personally.  These trip packages can help you or them with those large charitable donations you never thought possible…and my commission.  It works for M&A Real Estate Sales meetings as well, I know, I used to plan Golf Outings.  Nothing changes the world like a Hole-In-One when your rival just bet the Farm thinking he’d out putt you for another 4 hours.  Up the stakes, or plan a much needed vacation for your family while you’re forced to work overtime….either way.  Change the world!  Learn how to putt!

If you know of anyone that might be interested, please forward this information. Please ask them to contact me. This info is valid for you as well. The Executive Global Travel has some fabulous Vacation Packages available! I need people interested in putting together Fundraiser Packages and possibly earning incentives for putting together International Trips w/ 20 or more people! We have Celebrity Hosted Tours and Self Tour Packages available on the Fundraiser Set. It’s a GREAT way to raise money for good causes!

Some Examples of the Trips Available (Dates prior to 10/27/09  have been removed):
* Golf/Casino Packages: Las Vegas + Reno, NV, CT, MA, RI and Mohegan Sun
* 22 Day Royal Escort Tour of New Zealand and Australia
* NY Giants Games: Two night accommodations at the Fairfield Inn EastRutherford/Meadowlands
San Diego Chargers @ NY Giants – 11/08/09
Atlanta Falcons @ NY Giants – 11/22/09
Dallas Cowboys @ NY Giants – 12/06/09
Philadelphia Eagles @ NY Giants – 12/13/09
Carolina Panthers @ NY Giants – 12/27/09
* California Golf Trips
* La Liga Futbol (Soccer) Barcelona Games 2009 and more in 2010
RCD Mallorca   11/08/2009
Real Madrid       11/29/2009

* Manchester United Home Games

* AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am
* 2010 US Open Golf Tournament – Pebble Beach California
* 2010 British Open
* 2010 Golf & Whiskey Tour of Scotland

* Spring Break! Colorado (5 Mountains Skiing), South Beach Miami, Daytona Beach, Florida, Jamaica, Barbados
and others
* The Superbowl 2010
* The Kentucky Derby

* 2011 Rugby in New Zealand
* Harry Potter England Tours (Movie Sets) – Limit of 15 People on this Tour!

Best Regards,

Pamela Joan Carter

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